5 benefits to having a headache rack!

It’s unclear whether the name headache rack originated from the fact that they prevent cargo from flying through and hitting you in the head, or because they help prevent a headache you would experience if your truck is damaged. Another theory we've heard is that the rack itself can cause a headache if you are not careful when climbing around the back of your cab. Nonetheless here are 5 benefits to having a headache rack!


1. Safety
Heavy-duty headache racks are the best way to prevent tools, cargo, or road debris from flying through your rear window and causing damage to your truck or to yourself. Another cool benefit is the fact that headache racks help reflect sunlight, so less heat gets into your cab.

2. Hauling Tools
Many semi truck headache racks come equipped with tool racks or trays that allow quick but secure access to your roadside tools and cargo securement supplies.

3. Mounting Lights
Installing a headache rack on your truck also provides an additional mounting surface for lighting and other accessories. Once the rack is in place, it’s easy to mount LED lights, light bars, warning lights, or even radio antennas.

4. Mounting a Toolbox
Even though many semi truck headache racks have storage options built-in, there’s no such thing as too much tool storage. And just like with lighting, a headache rack also provides a sturdy mountable surface for an additional toolbox.

5. Cool Looking
Let’s talk about how cool these headache racks look. A new headache rack adds a fresh look to any truck. You can never go wrong adding more CHROME! Although they also can even be powder-coated to color match your rig.

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