Thank You!

With all the changes and uncertainty that has happened this year, we want to make sure you know one thing hasn’t changed and that is how much we appreciate YOU, our customer. On September 21-25, we are having Customer Appreciate Week! A whole week that we will be dedicated to showing all of you, how much we value your business, and the sacrifice you all have made through these past few months. When everything shut down, the Trucking Industry soldiered on, providing much-needed supplies and equipment all around the country. For that, we will all be forever grateful to all you and the amazing service you provide to us!

We want to show our gratitude by offering some amazing deals, along with some giveaways and the opportunity to stop in our store and have a free lunch Monday Sept 21 on us. We hope you plan on participating in our Bells and Whistles Customer Appreciation Week!



   Roadworks is stopping by Bells and Whistles Chrome Shop on Monday September 21st. We couldn’t be more excited to host them as we kick off our Customer Appreciation Week. We hope you can stop by the shop between 10am – 2pm to check it out.
They are even providing a free lunch. Yes you read that right – FREE LUNCH! 

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